December 22, 2020 3 min read

Whether you have just received your motorcycle license or have been hitting the windy roads for years, safety should always be your top priority. And when we talk about riding a motorcycle, having a high-quality helmet is a must.

With the number of motorcycle helmets on the market, choosing a proper one can be a pretty daunting task. In this article, we’ll guide you through the most important things you should keep in mind when buying a motorcycle helmet.

Why Is It Essential to Get the Right Motorcycle Helmet?

Apart from contributing to your style and comfort, a helmet is by far the most crucial part of your gear, and legally, you have to wear it whenever you’re riding your motorcycle. A helmet that doesn’t fit you properly will make your experience less pleasant and much more dangerous.

Here are a few reasons why you should get the right motorcycle helmet:

  • It’ll make you feel more comfortable.
  • It’ll protect you from noise.
  • It’ll help you protect your head in case of a crash.
  • It’ll provide you with more confidence.
  • It’ll help you express your unique style.

What to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

Since motorcycle helmets aren’t very cheap and have to meet specific standards, don’t hesitate to take your time before deciding to invest in one. Here are a few things you should consider.


There are six main types of motorcycle helmets:

  • Full-face helmets (have a chin bar and offer the most coverage around your head and neck.)
  • Modular, or flip-up helmets (a mix between a full-face and a ¾ helmet; you can flip up the visor and chin bar to open the front of the helmet.)
  • Open-face, or ¾ helmets (leave your face exposed but cover the sides and top back of your head.)
  • Half-helmets, or brain buckets (only cover the top of your head.)
  • Off-road helmets, or motocross, MX, dirt bike helmets (have a bigger visor and more distinct chin bar.)
  • Dual-sport, or crossover, ADV, hybrid, enduro helmets (a mix between a full-face and an off-road helmet.)

The type of helmet you need to buy will depend on your riding position and environment. It means that you might need to acquire more than one model if you practice different styles of riding a motorcycle.


Apart from making sure a helmet suits your style, you should also pay attention to its safety standards and quality.

Firstly, make sure you choose the helmet type that provides you the most protection while riding your motorcycle.

Secondly, check whether your helmet meets either The Economic Commission of Europe (ECE) 22.05 certification requirements or the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.

And thirdly, remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. So, make sure you pay for the safety and not only the design.


Unfortunately, motorcycle helmets aren’t “one size fits all.” That’s why you should measure your head to choose the right size of a helmet. All you need to do is take a soft measuring tape and measure around the circumference of your head, across the forehead above the eyebrows, above the ears, and around the back of your head.

Just keep in mind that different helmet brands have different sizing. So, always refer to a manufacturer size guide when buying a motorcycle helmet online.


Since each of us have a specific shape of the head, getting the right size of a helmet doesn’t always mean it will fit you properly.

Once you receive your motorcycle helmet, please put it on for at least 40 minutes to see how it feels to be in it for a longer period of time. Don’t be afraid to move it around, adjust the straps, and take a look at the mirror to check how it fits around your cheeks. And if you start feeling uncomfortable and feel too much pressure, exchange it for another model or size.

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