A Story of Selflessness ft. Cassie

June 16, 2020 2 min read


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We were floored when we heard of this amazing woman's bio and it is our pleasure to share with you her extraordinary achievements!

Cassie, also known by her Instagram name as @mamicoc0, is a 33 year old proud mom and nurse of 11 years! She is from Cleveland, Ohio and the owner of Animal, her 2014 Ninja Kawasaki.

Women Riders of Cultural Diversity

Cassie is a case manager and has been for seven years. She assists people who cannot speak for themselves, advocates for patients and families, and helps them navigate through her medical system. Cassie helps patients understand the "why" to their medication and treatment and she gives them the support to live a healthier better lifestyle. She has saved lives in the ER, found housing for the underserved, saved a man from suicide, expedited a man to a treatment center to get sober, and in her spare time, created a nonprofit organization for the less fortunate. Although in its infancy, @Mpoweru_ will one day be a safe haven for many. She also blesses families on Christmas with donations or gift cards because God has and continues to bless with life over and over again! Cassie is a single mom of an All-State wrestler and national hurdler and has recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing!


Kawasaki Ninja 650

Cassie is undeniably a major influence! Her biography speaks for itself and we truly are humbled to be sharing her story with you. The amount of selflessness in her life is awe-inspiring. Just a fraction of this trait in all of us could create an overwhelmingly positive impact on the world. We cannot begin to explain how proud and excited we are for her! She is truly representing the strength, passion, commitment, leadership, and drive of our culture and to call her a fellow sister in the bike community makes her story even better!

Cassie, your story speaks volumes as to who you are as a person. It is inspiring, motivating, and exemplifies the level at which we should all care for each other. Thank you for all that you've done!

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