A Story of Selflessness ft. The Gixxer Sisters

June 17, 2020 1 min read

Stories of Greatness from Riders of Cultural Diversity

 The Gixxer Sisters

Nikki and Shaina, known as the Gixxer Sisters, are based in Compton, CA and both have been riding for over 10 years each. Following after their Grandpa, they rode their first motorcycle at the ages of five and six. These sisters love to inspire other riders through organizing rides and making videos on their YouTube Channel, where they do motovlogs, riding tips, gear reviews, and give personal insight on being a rider. 


They are also heavily involved in the community as they organize and volunteer their services to better their community. They conduct food drives, toy drives, feed the homeless, and organize peace rides to show that they support their community and the action to call peace from all of the gun and gang violence.


We truly admire their dedication to their community, their selflessness, and their desire to give back! Their actions are the foundation to what make this world a better place. Because of them, several people were able to gain the confidence and to learn the skill to ride. Someone was able to enjoy a meal which they would not have been able to otherwise. A child experienced the joy of a new toy. However, what is commonly missed are the impacts that we do not see. Their call to action to stop gun and gang violence may have saved someone's life and stopped a vicious cycle of continued violence. We cannot thank them enough for what they have done and for what they continue to do!

The Gixxer Sisters

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