A Story of Success ft. Queen Sit

July 23, 2020 1 min read

Queen Sit

Mixing ambition with talent will always create a recipe for success. It's the drive that rejects closed doors and opens paths towards what is desired and we clearly see that in Queen Sit. From St. Louis, Missouri, Queen Sit has been riding motorcycles for three years and currently rides a Harley Davidson Road Glide. She is a P.E. teacher and a basketball coach. She also owns a highly successful film making company called VideoQueenSTL. For several years, she has worked to perfect her craft and as a result, has created phenomenal videos from music videos, to commercials, to short films and documentaries.


More of her work can be seen on her website https://videoqueenstl.wixsite.com/videoqueenstl/ and you can follow her social media @VideoQueenSTL on both her Instagram and her YouTube channel.

Not only highly skilled in her abilities, Queen Sit has also highlighted her drive to pursue more in life by transforming her passion for motorcycles, combining it with her videography talents and becoming a Harley Davidson ambassador! Since then, she has created several vlogs which contain both instructional and entertainment media that incorporate her experiences on her bike.

Her content can also be viewed on YouTube at QueenSit On A Harley and her Instagram @Queen.Sit.

Queen Sit is undoubtedly a great inspiration to our upcoming generations. By providing focus, drive, and personal development to her athletes, she is providing the influence required to having a positive impact in future years to come!

We thank her for all that she does and we look forward to hearing about her future successes!

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