REV'IT! Quantum Air Men's Jacket

Black/Neon Red
Black/Neon Yellow


We know how warm it can get out there, whether it’s in the summer or in an area where higher temperatures prevail. And we understand that riding in the proper motorcycle gear, despite the heat, is extremely important. Especially for sport bike riders. With the Quantum Air jacket, you’ll keep cool even on the warmest of days. The MotoGP-influenced sport garment is all about promoting airflow through the entire upper body. Too much airflow on a chilly morning? No problem. Keep the detachable thermal liner in and you’ll feel great. Award-winning SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 limb protection is found at the shoulders and elbows. Furthermore, you can upgrade the Quantum Air’s armor in two different ways: via the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert or via the SEESOFT™ CE-level 1 divided chest protector inserts.



Protection Features


SEEFLEX™ Level 2 CE Protection

  • Certified CE-Level 2 according to the new norm EN1621-1:2012 the SEEFLEX™ protector is the latest innovation from the in-house R&D department. The new norm also tests the impact levels in various temperature ranges. The SEEFLEX™ protectors easily surpass the new norm without sacrificing wearer comfort.

Prepared for Divided Chest Protector SEESOFT™ CE-level 1

  • The protector pocket in this REV'IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the Divided Chest Protector SEESOFT™ CE-level 1 - an easy upgrade to maximize safety.

Dual-Comp Elbow and Knee Slider

Dual-Comp Protective Parts at Shoulders

Prepared for SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 Back Protector Insert - Type RV

  • The back protector pocket in this REV'IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert Type RV - an easy upgrade to maximize safety.


Monaco Cowhide

  • This type of leather is highly abrasion resistant, long-lasting and extremely protective. It's rugged leather with a natural shine giving it an elegant look.

3D Air Mesh

  • This knitted fabric has an open, 3-dimensional structure that ensures good ventilation while riding. 3D air mesh is a must-have for long touring riders.


  • Lorica® is constructed from microfibres that give the material characteristics similar to those of natural leather, including a leather look. This low-maintenance material is not as strong as leather, but softer and lighter, with a consistent thickness that makes it easier to process.

Monaco Performance Cowhide

  • The top-spec Monaco performance cowhide has been used in this product.


  • Neoprene is a synthetic rubber useful for protective gear. It is abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, waterproof, somewhat stretchable, and buoyant.

Nubuck Leather

  • Nubuck is top-grain cattle rawhide leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side (outside) to give a velvet-like surface. Nubuck is similar to suede, but with a finer texture which is more durable.

PWR|shell Stretch


Detachable Thermal Liner

Ergonomic Features


Aero Cool 3D Mesh

  • This open-loft three-dimensional mesh helps facilitate optimal ventilation while riding. It features integrated lines to wick moisture away from the body, keeping riders cool and comfortable under even extreme circumstances.

Comfort Cuffs

Stretch Lips

Stretch Panels

  • The stretch panels in this garment aid in flexibility. They contribute to the riders comfort as they provide great freedom of movement.


Race Fit

  • This garment has been designed with a race fitting shape, meaning it has been engineered for speed and a figure-hugging silhouette.



Inner and Slit Pockets




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