Stories of Greatness From Riders of Cultural Diversity

Stories of greatness from riders of cultural diversity


421 Moto Gear is dedicating this section of our website to sharing the stories of the riders we often do not see portrayed in the motorcycle industry. These stories are meant to inspire, uplift, and to promote an inclusive and selfless mentality. These stories are meant to highlight the incredible actions of normal people.

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The motorcycle community consists of all types of people of all shades and all demographics, but what we notice is that the current industry caters towards one type of person. There is a large deficiency in seeing our fellow women riders, Black riders, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American riders in the foreground. With no presence, there's no voice. With no voice, there's no connection. Without connection, there's no culture. This country is rich in culture through its people. 421 Moto Gear aims to showcase these cultures through positive messages from everyday people of diversity - to exemplify how an ordinary person's act of selflessness, drive, and passion can better a community with extraordinarily positive results.



Black Motorcycle Rider


If you have a story to share, we would love to hear it! Contact us if you think that you have a positive and influential story where you are actively giving back to your community or are on a pursuit towards success and attach at least two hi-resolution photos for us to include in your feature. If you are wearing our gear and are chosen to be featured, you will receive 10% off your next purchase!

Always strive to make your community better. We rise by lifting others!