REV'IT! Neptune 2 GTX Men's Trousers



The Neptune 2 GTX trousers are all about versatility. This is your go-to gear in any weather condition. Warm, hot, cold, wet. You name it. These motorcycle pants have been designed to give you the best of everything no matter where you are in the world.

Making these pants as special as they are is the use of an extremely abrasion-resistant and highly breathable Teflon®-coated outer shell. The GORE-TEX® with Paclite® material is ideal for wet weather and protection from the cold. You also have an included detachable thermal layer, to keep your legs warm. Take them out when you don’t need them and your legs will remain cool during warmer days.

The trousers also include the invisible and very comfortable SEESMART™CE-level 1 hip protectors along with award-winning SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 armor at the knees.


Protection Features



SEESMART™ CE-level 1 type B Hip Protector Insert - Version RV33


Detachable Thermal Liner


  • Detachable GORE-TEX® Product with Paclite® Technology

GORE-TEX® with Paclite® technology is windproof, waterproof and extremely breathable. It is the ideal material for motorcycle clothing as it protects you against the elements. We added a thin lining to protect the Paclite® membrane and to ensure that it won't stick to your skin when riding in warmer weather without a thermal liner.


High Density Polyester 600D with Teflon® Coating

  • This fabric takes polyester yarn and weaves it with a finer polyester yarn, to create a high woven density that increases protection and abrasion-resistance.

Polyester Ripstop with Teflon® Coating

  • Polyester yarns woven into a ripstop. Thick reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals into the fabric in a crosshatch pattern known as ripstop. The water-and-dirt-repellent Teflon® coating makes it difficult for dirt to affix to or penetrate any material.

Ergonomic Features


YKK Slide Lock Front Closure

  • This unique front closure works like a slide lock and once closed it won't open up spontaneously. The slide locks into a conical shaped slider ensuring they won't separate until you want them to.

Prepared for Strapper Suspenders

  • The trousers are prepared for the Strapper suspenders. The Strapper can be connected to the short connection zipper at the back and the specially made hook and loop attachment point on the front side. The suspenders are compatible with a selection of trousers from the REV'IT! collection.

Adjustable Protector Pockets

  • Within this type of protection pocket, the protector can be adjusted to several positions, in order to customize the shape for each rider. This results in the best personal fit and riding comfort.

Calf Zippers

Grip Panel at Seat

  • The grip panel at the seat ensures you stay in control in all weather conditions and won't slide in your seat at any time. A key feature for any rider, pillion passengers will also appreciate this extra level of performance.

Short and Double Long Connection Zipper

  • Thanks to the short and long connection zipper, this jacket is/these trousers are compatible for pairing with any pair of trousers/any jacket in the line.

Stretch Panels

  • The stretch panels in this garment aid in flexibility. They contribute to the riders comfort as they provide great freedom of movement.


Adjustment Straps and Tabs


Regular and Tour Fit


Slit Pockets



  • Our VCS zippers are all located in strategic positions, where they offer excellent air flow to cool the body. The air flow can be regulated by opening or closing the zipper.


Size Chart