Shark STREET-DRAK Street Neon Matte Open Face Helmet

Matte Yellow
Matte Dark Grey

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The New STREET-DRAK, a quintessential Urban & Sports Helmet!

The badass SHARK DRAK Urban Helmet is redefined with the arrival of a new Urban & Sports reinterpretation, the SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Street Neon Matte.

Following the same iconic style as the DRAK, the SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Street Neon Matte has a high-tech dual-material and dual-color slim-fit shell that follow the shape of the head as closely as possible and without compromise on comfort.

Equipped with premium full-vision goggles and micro-tech interior with antibacterial properties under AEGIS®* license, the SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Street Neon Matte offers incomparable style and design.

*The revolutionary AEGIS® technology guarantees perpetual freshness and optimal hygiene for textiles.




  • Street Fighter inspired.
  • Ultra high-tech helmet featuring two materials and two colors.
  • Slim-fit shell specially design to match the skull shape as closely as possible.
  • Light weight, balanced, aerodynamic design.
  • Micro-tech interior with antibacterial properties under AEGIS®* license.
  • Ultra Thin Frame and Full Vision Goggles  with double anti-fog visor.
  • Face mask and goggles Quick Release System.
  • DOT approved.
  • 5 Years Warranty**.

 ** Fluorescent colors (paint and/or decal) on some SHARK helmets models may fade with time and when repeatedly exposed to external elements. This is not considered a default and therefore not covered by warranty. Adopt the right reflexes for the preservation of your helmet. Fluorescent colors may alter with time and exposure to light. To diminish such impacts and keep the original colors of your helmet, SHARK Helmets recommends you to store your helmet protected from light and avoid long exposure of your helmet under direct or indirect UV light.


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